Long (and strange year)

With all the adversity that this year has brought in our lives, professionally it has been a very good year in terms of paper output. The following papers have been accepted:

  • Ben Jones and Andreas Artemiou (accepted December 2020) “Revisiting the predictive power of kernel principal components”, Statistics and Probability Letters.
  • Andreas Artemiou, Yuexiao Dong and Seung-Jun Shin (accepted November 2020). “Real-time sufficient dimension reduction through principal least squares support vector machines”, Pattern Recognition.
  • Andreas Artemiou (accepted September 2020) “Using mutual information to measure the predictive potential of principal components”, Dennis Cook Festschrift by Springer. (edited by Efstathia Bura and Bing Li)
  • Hayley Randall, Andreas Artemiou and Xingye Qiao (accepted July 2020) “Sufficient Dimension Reduction based on Distance-Weighted Discrimination”, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics.
  • Stephen Babos and Andreas Artemiou (2020) “Sliced Inverse Median Difference Regression”, Statistical Methods and Applications, 29, 937-954
  • Ben Jones, Andreas Artemiou and Bing Li (2020) “On the predictive potential of kernel principal components”, Electronic Journal of Statistics, 14, 1-23.

I also have another two papers that appeared in the different arXiv libraries:

  • Ross Burton, Raya Ahmed, Simone Cuff, Andreas Artemiou and Matthias Eberl (2020) “Cytopy: an autonomous cytometry analysis framework”, bioarXiv doi.org/10.1101/2020.04.08.031898 (submitted also for publication April 2020)
  • Mark J Ponsford et al “Extended laboratory panel testing in the Emergency Department for risk-stratification of patients with COVID-19: a single centre retrospective service evaluation” (submitted also for publication October 2020)

And I have another 9 papers that were submitted and are currently considered for publication in different journals.

My Ph.D. student Hayley Randall will be submitting her dissertation at the end of the year and I am in the hunt for 1 or 2 more PhD students to join the team.

Have a happy festive period everyone – get some rest and hopefully 2021 will bring us back the normality we used to live, in the pre-COVID era. Health and happiness to all of you out there.