Throughout my career I have worked with a number of people and collaborated on a number of different works.

I want to honour as many of these people in this website by presenting those that have had an influence on my professional life whether we managed to publish something together or not. I will try to keep the list alphabetical and say a few words for each one of those. (still a work in progress – I add people in random order so bear with me here… )

Current people I work with:

  • Bing Li (Statisics, Pennsylvania State University): As Bing was my Ph.D. supervisor, I try to maintain an open communication channel with him although we do not write as many papers as we both wished together. He is always open to listen to my ideas and I always enjoy discussing my ideas with him (and I make an exception to the alphabetical order here). Papers we wrote together:
    • Jones, B. et al (2020). Electronic Journal of Statistics.
    • Artemiou A. and Li B. (2013) Journal of Multivariate Analysis
    • Li B., Artemiou A. and Li L. (2011) Annals of Statistics
    • Artemiou A. and Li B. (2009) Statistica Sinica
  • Tatiana Benaglia (Statistics, Campinas, Brazil): A new collaboration which was made possible by funding received from the Cardiff – Campinas strategic partnership. With Tatiana we overlapped during our PhD years at Penn State. We are planning to work on some Bayesian approaches for Dimension Reduction.
  • Gerda Claeskens (OR and Business Statistics, KU Leuven): A relatively new collaboration. I have met Gerda in the EMS conference in Helsinki 2017 and I asked her to help me with some research ideas in dimension reduction which overlaps with her research interests and I have visited her twice in February 2018 and February 2019 in KU Leuven to work closer together on a couple of research ideas.
  • Eliana Christou (University of North Carolina, Charlotte): With Eliana we met when she started her Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University in 2011. After she finished her Ph.D. we sat down and had a talk in December 2019 when she visited Cardiff as well. We currently had a paper submitted and one as a work in progress on dimension reduction in quantile regression.
    • Christou E. et al (2021). Advances in Data Analysis and Classification
  • Yuexiao Dong (Statistical Science, Temple University): Yuexiao is my academic brother. We always maintain an open line of communication and we are currently writing a couple of papers together on different ideas of sufficient dimension reduction. We have written two papers together so far:
    • Artemiou A., Dong Y. and Shin S. J. (2021) Pattern Recognition
    • Alothman A., Dong Y. and Artemiou A. (2018) Journal of Multivariate Analysis
    • Artemiou A. and Dong Y. (2016) Electronic Journal of Statistics
  • Matthias Eberl (Systems Immunity Research Institute, Cardiff University): I met Matthias in the summer of 2017 to help with an SVM issue. We maintain an open line of communication since then and we are currently co-supervising 1 Ph.D. students working on machine learning techniques in medical datasets as well as COVID19 topics. We have also secured together a couple of grants to support our joint work. Also, this collaboration led to connection with a number of people in the Systems Immunity Research Institute, like Tom Pembroke and Simone Cuff.
  • Alex Karagrigoriou (Department of Mathematics, University of Aegean): I met Alex during my undergraduate years, as he was a Professor at the University of Cyprus and he actually taught me a few classes back then. He also gave me invaluable help during my applications to the US for my graduate studies. Now, both wiser (!!!) and both moved away from Cyprus, we discussed a few ideas on robust dimension reduction which we will try to explore. To enhance this collaboration he asked me and I am an active member in the supervisory team of Mr. Kimon Ntotsis, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Aegean.
    • Ntotsis, K. et al (2021) Econometrics (MDPI)
  • Eugen Pircalabelu (Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences, UC Louvain): I met Eugen in a couple of conferences, from 2012 and onwards. We developed a friendship and then decided to explore possible collaborations. He came to Cardiff for a visit in October 2017 (while he was still a postdoc at KU Leuven with Prof. Claeskens) and he has invited me to visit him in August 2019 in UC Louvain). We currently have one accepted paper and a submitted papers.
    • Pircalabelu, E. and Artemiou, A. (2021+) Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Xingye Qiao (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Binghamton University): I met Xingye during my Fellowship with the Statistics and Applied Mathematics Sciences Institute (SAMSI). We exchanged a couple of ideas back then and although I put them aside for some time due to my move to UK, we have recently returned to them and we have a paper accepted:
    • Randall, H., Artemiou A., Qiao, X. (2020) Scandinavian Journal of Statistics
  • Seung-Jun Shin (Statistics, Korea University): Seung-Jun was a student of Prof. Yichao Wu at North Carolina State University, and was the first one to expand the results in my Ph.D. Dissertation. When I met him at a conference we had a fruitful discussion and we are currently working on some ideas in sufficient dimension reduction together. In addition to the two papers we published we have one paper currently submitted.
    • Artemiou A., Dong Y. and Shin S. J. (2021) Pattern Recognition
    • Shin SJ and Artemiou A. (2017) Computational Statistics and Data Analysis.
  • Irena Spasic (School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University): Irena was one of the first people I met in Cardiff outside the School of Mathematics. She has been very supportive and we have discussed a few problems around text data analysis. We have two papers and we are currently working on a third one:
    • Spasic, I et al (2019) In proceedings of the  “Celtic Language Technology Workshop” CLTW2019, Dublin, Ireland, pages 1-6
    • Williams, L. et al (2019). Journal of Classification
  • Joni Virta (Statistics, University of Turku): I met Joni in a number of conferences and at one point in a conference in Pisa, Italy (CMStatistics, December 2018) we sat down and wrote a few things to work on. We secured an LMS Research in pairs grant and Joni visited Cardiff in June 2019 for two weeks to move forward a few ideas we have on dimension reduction for matrix-valued data. We currently have one paper submitted.
  • (more to be added here …. )

Below I will list some former collaborators. Those are people with whom we have worked together and most probably published a number of papers but with whom the collaboration is currently hibernating:

  1. Dimitris Challoumas (?? He moves so frequently, I lost track – Glasgow – NHS??): I met Dimitris during his undergraduate years at Cardiff University. He approached me for some statistical advice and we managed to publish two papers.
    • Challoumas and Artemiou (2018). International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance.
    • Challoumas et al (2017). Journal of Sports Sciences
  2. Francesca Chiaromonte (Department of Statistics, Penn State): Francesca was working in sufficient dimension reduction problems with Bing and was one of the most approachable members of staff at Penn State. In 2009, she funded my summer months to work on a joint problem they had with Prof. Jenni Evans (Meteorology, Penn State). We did a lot of interesting stuff that summer and we managed to answer interesting questions, but we never went around to publishing that paper.
  3. Valentina Escott-Price (Medical School, Cardiff University): Valentina approached me when a student of hers was working on machine learning methods in identifying interaction of genes that affect schizophrenic patients. We ended up co-supervising Dr. Timothy Vivian-Griffiths who graduated in 2017 and we have a joint paper together.
    • Vivian-Griffiths et al (2019). American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.
  4. Adrienne Minerick (School of Technology, Michigan Technological University): Adrienne was the first collaborator I ever had outside the dimension reduction framework and generally outside of my standard line of research. We met at a collaboration event in my first day at Michigan Tech and after some statistical analysis of some data we had our first paper published in less than a year (to be fair she did a lot of work before we even met on that paper).
    • Shrivastava et al (2011). Electrophoresis.
  5. Filia Vonta (Department of Mathematics, National Technical University, Athens); Filia was my undergraduate project supervisor. We worked on frailty models and survival data. Together, we have my first ever published paper:
    • Vonta and Artemiou (2007). CDQM.
  6. …. (more to be added here)… .