Ph.D. Students

I was lucky so far in my career to be in a position to have some of the best persons I have met as Ph.D. students, that have been very productive and very eager to exceed my expectations. In the next few links I have a few comments for each person I have supervised as the main supervisor or as co-supervisor.

Please have in mind that I am always open to welcome new Ph.D. students. Although funding is rare from my side I am always open to discuss with prospective students.

Below is a list of my current and former Ph.D. students. If you click on the link you will get a more detailed description for each one of them.

Current Ph.D. students:

  1. Hayley Randall (Oct 2016 – Mar 2020) – Maths – main supervisor
  2. Ben Jones (Oct 2016 – Mar 2020) – Maths – main supervisor
  3. Paul Robinson (Oct 2017 – part-time) – Biosciences – co-supervisor
  4. Ross Burton (Oct 2018 – Mar 2022) – Medical School – co-supervisor
  5. Kimon Ntotsis (since Jan 2019) – Maths – University of Aegean – member of the supervisory team.
  6. Alya Alzahrani (since July 2019) – Maths – main supervisor
  7. Matthew Hoare (since October 2021) – Maths (M.Phil.)- main supervisor

Former Ph.D. students:

  1. Luke Smallman (Oct 2015 – Mar 2019) – Maths – main supervisor
  2. Timothy Vivian-Griffiths (Oct 2013 – Mar 2017) Medical school – co-supervisor