After 3 years – reviving

It proves a whole burden to maintain properly this website. After 3 years, a number of changes and currently back in Cyprus working for the University of Limassol… I finally found some time to update this website… Every time I hope I will keep track of everything and update it frequently, but this is not my priority.

Having taking the position of Professor of Quantitative Methods and Analytics at the University of Limassol and moving the whole family to Cyprus a new chapter and a whole new set of challenges is lying ahead.

This is the time also to cherish my 10 years in Cardiff and my 18 years away from my motherland of Cyprus. The numerous friends and colleagues I met and I left behind. Live moves forward. I enjoyed every moment,i enjoyed every single opportunity that was given to me. But Cardiff is where everything changed. The family grew bigger, the career evolved. Cardiff for me will be a special place, as is State College, Houghton and even the RTP where I spend sometime in SAMSI. In every place my life took a step forward. In every place I have left with a positive gain. Cardiff, being the longest, is where my life took a whole jump, not just a step. Diolch Caerdydd.

I will keep you updated as life moves forward back home.