Current Ph.D. students

Current Ph.D. students (main supervisor):

  1. Aeron Hoare (Oct 2022 – ): Aeron started in Oct 2021 as an M.Phil student and then switched in Oct 2022 to Ph.D. and he is self-funded. He is working to extend real-time dimension reduction in the nonlinear framework.
  2. Amal Alqarni (Oct 2023 – ): Amal started her Ph.D. in Oct 2023 as a self-funded student and has started working on Sufficient dimension reduction for time series.

Current Ph.D. students (co-supervisor):

  1. Paul Robinson (Biosciences – Oct 2017 – part time): Paul asked me to co-supervise his Ph.D. in Biosciences. He is interested in modelling bird species in Sierra Leone forests and he is currently at the sampling stage.
  2. Tahaneiy Kadi (Pharmacy – Jan 2022): Tahaneiy is working with Dr. Polina Prokopovich on applying statistics and machine learnign techniques in data from people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. Daniel Griffiths (Medical School – July 2023): Dan is working with Prof. Matthias Eberl. We obtained with Matthias the funding for him to work on Machine learning for cytometry data in cancer patients.