Current Ph.D. students

Current Ph.D. students (main supervisor):

  1. Hayley Randall (Oct 2016 – Mar 2020): Hayley is funded by EPSRC funding to the School and she applied to do a Ph.D. in my group after taking a 3rd year module on Multivariate Statistics. Her second supervisor is Dr. Jonathan Gillard. She is interested in Dimension Reduction for high-dimensional problems (large p and either large n (n>p) or small n (p>n)). In July 2020 she had her first paper accepted in the Scandinavian Journal of Statistics and we are currently working on submitting her second paper out of her Ph.D.
  2. Benjamin Jones (Oct 2016 – Mar 2020): Ben is funded by EPSRC funding to the School and he applied to do a Ph.D. in my group. His background was in Pure Maths and therefore we decided to take advantage of his knowledge in that area and do some work with Functional and Kernel Principal Component Analysis (FPCA and KPCA). His second supervisor is Prof. Karl-Michael Schmidt. He has published one paper on the predicting potential of FPCA in a regression setting (Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics – 2020) and two on the predictive potential of KPCA (Electronic Journal of Statistics – 2020, Statistics and Probability Letters, accepted Dec. 2020). He is currently working on methodological work for dimension reduction methods on the presence of categorical predictors.
  3. Alya Alzahrani (July 2019 – Dec 2022): Alya joined the school and she is self funded. Her second supervisor is Dr. Bertrand Gauthier. She is interested to work in envelope models and she is currently developing new methods to perform envelope-based classification algorithms and sparse envelope-based classification algorithms.
  4. Matthew Hoare (MPhil) (Oct 2021 – Mar 2023): Matthew is an M.Phil student and he is trying to extend real-time dimension reduction in the nonlinear framework.

Current Ph.D. students (co-supervisor):

  1. Paul Robinson (Biosciences – Oct 2017 – part time): Paul asked me to co-supervise his Ph.D. in Biosciences. He is interested in modelling bird species in Sierra Leone forests and he is currently at the sampling stage.
  2. Ross Burton (Medical School – Oct 2018 – Mar 2022): Ross is working on applications of Machine Learning techniques to analyze and classify sepsis patients. He is the first Ph.D. student in my collaboration with Prof. Matthias Eberl in the Medical School.   We have submitted a paper in April 2020 which you can also find in biorxiv and we have also submitted a second paper on COVID related work in October 2020 which you can also find in medrxiv. Both papers are now published. The first one in PLOS Computational Biology and the second in the Journal of Clinical Pathology.

In addition to these, I am a member of the supervisory team of Mr. Kimon Ntotsis, a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Mathematics, University of Aegean. Kimon started his Ph.D. in January 2019 and we are working on a number of ideas in the classification and regression framework. We have published a paper on multicollinearity in regression in Econometrics – MDPI (2021).