In addition to my research in theoretical/mathematical Statistics, I have a number of collaborations with researchers in other Sciences.

  1. Application of Machine Learning Techniques to medical datasets: This is a collaboration we have started with a number of people in the Systems Immunity Research Institute in Cardiff. With Prof. Matthias Eberl (and a number of other people in his research team) we are currently co-supervising a Ph.D. student (Mr. Ross Burton). We are working on a number of different applications and we have published a number of papers including Ponsford et al (2021) and Burton et al (2021)). Recently, I was in contact with other research groups in the medical field to extend this collaboration.
  2. Statistics in text data analytics: We are working with Prof Irena Spasic (School of Computer Science, Cardiff University) on a number of different topics of text data analytics. We have two papers published and currently we are exploring a couple of different ideas.

Other projects that I have been involved in the past:

  1. Machine Learning techniques in identifying interactions in schizophrenic patients: I was co-advising with Prof. Valentina Escott-Price, Dr. Timothy Vivian-Griffiths during his Ph.D. studies. We have published a paper on this work.
  2. Statistical analysis in sports data: With Dr. Dimitris Challoumas we have analyzed data on the effect of anatomical features on the performance of volleyball players. We have published two papers on this topic.
  3. Statistical analysis in dielectrophoresis: In my time at Michigan Technological University, the only collaboration that resulted in a successful publication was with Dr.Adrienne Minerick (Chemical Engineering) where we use some statistical techniques to analyze human blood typing.