Long summer… a small update

It’s been a very long summer professionally. A quick overview:

  • I had a visit from Dr. Joni Virta (Aalto University/Turku University) for two weeks in late June and early July which enabled the discussion on new projects for dimension reduction on tensor data.
  • I also went to visit Dr. Eugen Pircalabelu (UC Louvain) for a week in early August where we worked on dimension reduction methods for the High dimensional low sample size (HDLSS) framework.
  • I had three papers accepted to different journals. One was the result of a collaborative work with Prof. Irena Spasic in COMSC here in Cardiff University with the title: Unsupervised multi–word term recognition in Welsh which was accepted to a conference about Celtic Languages. The second was a paper on robust sufficient dimension reduction in Statistics with title: Using adaptively weighted large margin classifiers for robust sufficient dimension reduction (10.1080/02331888.2019.1636050) and finally the third a paper on robust sufficient dimension reduction which was accepted for a special edition on Stastistical Modelling with applications oi the journal of Mathematics and Statistics (Science Publications)
  • I also submitted four of other papers: The first one was a revision of a manuscript with my student Stephen Babos. The second a paper with my collaborators, Dr. Yuexiao Dong and Dr. Seung-Jun Shin. The third one is a first submission of a pape we wrote with my collaborator Dr. Eugen Pircalabelu. The final one is with my Ph.D. student Ben Jones and my former supervisor Ptof. Bing Li (a resubmission of an earlier paper).
  • I accepted a new Ph.D. Student to start in my group Mrs. Alya Alzahrani who is self funded and started in July 1st, 2019.
  • My Ph.D. student Luke Smallman, who will be submitting soon, is writing his Ph.D. dissertation and he is writing a couple of papers to be submitted. At the same time he got a new job in Admiral.
  • Finally, I got promoted to Senior Lecturer… (yes I wrote this blog post to make you aware of this…)

Hello world! A note on the quotes in the site…

I am not going to be very active in writing blog posts, but I believe that since I am using a couple of quotes in this website from a graduation talk D. Washington did a few years ago, it is only right if my first blog post is about this video.  Since 2017 I am showing this video on the first lecture of my first year Probability module I teach and students have a very positive response to it. (Note that these students are in their first week of their University life when they see this video).

Here is a link of a video Goalcast made which contains only part of the talk which they were put in suc a way to make it even more inspiring (as this is what Goalcast does).   This is the version I show to my students since it is a shorter one:

To be fair though I need to put the whole speech and I think this is the whole speech (with Chinese subtitles but I couldn’t find a better one)… The reason I add this version is because, Denzel Washington did mention God as the first thing one has to do and Goalcast left this (and any other reference to God) completely out.  I do believe if you are trying to be inspirational it is only fair that the audience sees the full spectrum of your inspiration and motivation.